Sunday, April 22, 2012

We are the Palmers: Drew, Anna and Alaire. 

We bought our first house last June.

We have spent the last year painting and furnishing and pipe dreaming about what we are going to do to with every square inch.  We still have A LONG WAY TO GO, but it has been fun and we are excited about all of the projects we have ahead of us.

Before we bought this house we had an offer on a short sale house that we instantly fell in love with.  We waited and waited and waited for it, and after a long time we decided to find something else.  Because we had already house shopped so much and thought we were done, I ended up doing a lot of it the second time around.  I found this house, which was ten years old, in a great neighborhood, just blocks away from schools and Target (insert giddy excitement).

When I walked in I loved how open and large the living space was.  The owners had put in beautiful Brazilian Tigerwood floors throughout the main floor.  They had new countertops and appliances in the kitchen.  BUT, the walls were so gross.  They were either contractor, flat, dry, grayish-white, sponge painted, or had a boarder up.  There were some that had hidden wallpaper too, but more about that later!  After walking through it and thinking all new paint and new carpet on second floor would change this house so much, I told our realtor, "I think were going to buy this."  Needless to say she was shocked.
"Don't you think Drew is going to want to see it before you sign a contract?"
"Ahh no he'll be fine with it."
"Okay, I just really can't see past the decor and some of the paint."

You will see that there were some odd choices and lazy ones too when it came to paint.  The guest bathroom and dining room in particular.

I knew Drew would love the main floor updates and he probably wouldn't think the wall colors were that horrible.  I was right we ended up buying the house and the painting we have done so far has changed the rooms dramatically!
Drew and Alaire on Moving Day (she looks so little!)
I will be posting soon with some of the projects we have done, mostly painting, but a few other things too!