Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sewing For Baby: Take Home Outfit

My sweet little Stella turned one last week!?!? 
How did that happen. 
 It seems like it was yesterday and a million years ago at the same time. 
 Isn't that how your babies growing up feels?  
I have a bunch of half written posts to finish and share so, I'll start with this one : )

I made this outfit for Stella to come home in from the hospital. 
 I ended up finding something different to bring her home in but she still wore this in the hospital and after we were home.  
I started with a blank baby gown and this tank top.  Someone gave it to me when they returned some borrowed maternity clothes.  

I used a seem ripper to untack the flowers off of it.  I had enough to make the baby gown and a headband.  It was a REALLY EASY project.  You could hand sew if you wanted, but I just tacked them down with the sewing machine quickly.  I took a piece of the connected flowers and put an elastic band on it for the headband.
I also made a little gauze blanket to go with it.

It would be a really cute baby gift for someone.

Here she is in the hospital wearing it.

Here she is a week old with her sister.

Aww, these sweet little girls!  I cannot believe this was a year ago!