Tuesday, August 12, 2014

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

It's not a raise, but it'll do!

I just had to share this little story that happened to me today.  We have been out of town for almost a week.  I have been trying to unpack and get some food in the fridge and get us back to a routine because school starts next week (cue the angels and the tears)  We had a great summer.  We had a busy summer.  It went by fast, but the last few weeks I had that feeling that parents talk about.. the one where  you say, "OKAY! I think it's time for school to start."  She likes school and routine and we haven't had one.  So today I was trying to clean out the fridge and scrub it down before I get groceries and Alaire wanted me to open a jar of olives, get her a drink, and make her a sandwich.  She wasn't being impatient but she asked me a few times for each thing.  I told her I would as soon as I wiped the shelves out.

Then this conversation happened:
Alaire: Being a mom and taking care of kids is really hard.
Me: It is? Why do you think that?
Alaire: Because it's hard getting food and drinks for everyone all day.
Me: Sometimes it is hard to do everything for everyone.  I'm glad you are sitting patiently for me.  it makes my job easier.
Alaire: After I realized how hard it is to be a mom I decided I would help you more.


This made my life.  She might forget in a few hours that she is going to help me more or that she thinks what I do is hard But, the fact that she thought of me and appreciated me, or any person who takes care of her like that, just melted me.

Drew and I always say Alaire is the one we have to be nice to,  she's a natural care taker and definitely the one who will keep us out of the "home" someday when our other kids want to dump us there!

I think all parents SAH or working parents just want to feel appreciated in some way.  Even if a four year old has to tell you that you are doing a good job, it feels good.  Enjoy your little munchkins even if they make you want pull your hair out and drink a lot of wine!