Tuesday, May 8, 2012

No more Mauve Office

I literally took pictures of every room of our house the day we moved in, so the pictures have boxes, curtain rods, and plenty of other random things in it!

This is a photo of the formal sitting room when we moved in.  We are currently using it as an office.  When you walk in the front door of our home there is a large open entryway which has a dining room on the right and the office on the left.  As you can see there are only three walls, so the office can't  shouldn't be a disaster because it is one of the first things you see.

This is the entryway photo taken from the family room.  The office is on the right in this  picture.

We haven't done a whole lot with this room yet but we started by taking down the gold and glass shelves and the curtains.  (Sometimes you wish they WOULD take the window punishments treatments with!)
We also painted the walls.  Originally, as you can see the walls were matte/ gloss/ matte/ gloss striped mauve.  We ended up painting it this lavender color. The black bookshelf got kicked to the curb, and we replaced the chair pictured with a white wooden rolling one.  I will post an updated picture soon, but you get the idea.  It is a lot brighter and simplified.

Someday soon we will be putting in some kind of cupboards and or shelving, as this will be turning into my creative studio!  For now it is better than the original!

That is all for now!