Friday, June 1, 2012

Planting A Garden

We had a great Memorial Day weekend.  Drew's parents, Deb and Jim were here Saturday until this morning.  Drew and I did a giant Lowe's run on Sunday morning.  We had an insane amount of merchandise shoved into our van.  Before we left we had to take two pieces of lumber back in and have them cut.  Needless to say the drive home was a little scary.  We bought a ton of crown moulding, base boards, dirt, cow manure (never thought that would be something I would purchase) and a bunch of odds and ends to finish up some projects around here.
We have gone back and forth on planting a garden this year.  We got a late start.  It has been warm enough since March, but we missed that boat.  I finally decided to just go for it.  I knew I would be sad if I didn't do it.  I have wanted to plant a garden for a few years.  I have had some epic fails in the plant department.  Every summer Drew and I have been married, I have bought plants and left them to die in the garage or hanging on the front porch :( Woops!
Because of my track record, I had to get home and hit the ground running so Drew wouldn't harass me about letting the plants die.
I AM going to redeem myself.  I over planted and put a little bit of everything in these two boxes that I built, but we say WHAT EV ER.  It is a trial and we will find out what happens soon enough.  Alaire had fun throwing dirt, which was fine.  Throwing the manure... not fine.

I built two 3x5 boxes, although I could have probably done a few more.  Maybe next year or this fall.

We planted every kind of herb known to man, strawberries, tomatoes, cantaloupe, watermelon, parsnips, black beans, zucchini, peppers, and broccoli.  I may have to move the seedlings when they pop up in a few weeks, but that's fine.

Alaire was a big help and very interested in the "magic beans."  Sorry girl, no beanstalk with giants and golden eggs in this garden!

We finished the garden over the course of two days and so far it looks awesome!  Drew is getting geared up to go bigger next year!  I hope it is successful.  We are trying to go as organic and chemical free as possible, so here's to hoping the bugs and rabbits stay away!!!

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