Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Real Life: Sock Buns and Dance Recital

I can't not post these cheesy dance pictures.  Can you believe this is just a few hours before
 this incident? (The self haircut if you don't want to click)

I gave her my old "music box". 
 She was asking for one, and somehow I had mine, in my jewelry dresser.  

She was a little mad at my little girl self for losing the tutu.  (Must glue piece of cheap tulle on dancer's body... yesterday)  She listens to it at night and always says, "Mommy you lost this tutu when you were a little gally like me."  

Onto the real show...

Daddy gave her flowers after the show.  Even at three years old, it meant so much to her.

Yes, almost in tears over them.  

A few of her friends came to watch her.  (Sweet face scary little one.)

It was fun.  She danced to both of her songs and loved it!

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