Saturday, June 2, 2012

Alaire's Bathroom/ Guest Bathroom

Remember when I said that our realtor was scared to sell us this house?  Well this room I think was the icing on the cake for her.  This is the room that I think she said, "I just can't look past the decor."  I don't blame her really.  It's terrible.

Before Pictures:

Yes, magenta and blue sponge paint.  
They taped off part of the ceiling and painted magenta on that too.

Look closely at the carpet in the bathroom.  
Anyone trying to get ready in this bathroom would end up  looking like  an oompah loompah because of the lighting.  

The theme you ask?? Lighthouses.  

We aren't finished with this bathroom, and we did let Alaire pick out the paint color (it's bright people mom), but at this point it can only go up.  We asked her a zillion times what color and she never strayed from this swatch.  It's her favorite and were good with that.  It looks happier and brighter and cleaner.  

Here are updated pictures from last week:
Teal Zeal paint!  Alaire picked out this artwork from Hobby Lobby.
White shower curtain (need to replace that bronze rod now looking at this picture) and we put up beadboard and a chair rail across from the toilet.  We are going to install hooks on the wall to hang towels to dry.  Don't forget to look up.  That ceiling was NOT fun to try to cover.  Two coats of primer and three of paint.

Here is the other view of the room.  You can barely see the floor, but I will post better pictures in a later reveal.
We added a frame to the mirror. 

Here's a better view of that whole wall.

Items left to do in this room:
  • paint mirror frame
  • find a toilet paper holder
  • replace vanity handles
  • replace faucet
  • replace light fixture
  • install crown moulding (hence the sweet paint job)
  • spray paint shower rod to match
  • hang hooks on bead board
  • build bench to sit across from toilet
  • put light switch plates on
  • clean out under vanity

Well that is a pretty lofty list still, but a lot of the stuff we already have or have started, such as this:

I got this built while Drew was out of town last week too.  It's the bench for the bathroom.  I have to finish the paint on it and then I will show you the final product.



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  1. looks great!! alaire has great decor taste just like her mama!! :)