Sunday, June 3, 2012

Painted TV Dresser

I can't decide where to put the TV in our living room.  I DON'T want it mounted above the fireplace.  I know a lot of people have it there, but it's just not for me.  (Although I am considering it more and more)  I found this dresser for $20 at Goodwill a while ago and it was tacky, but I knew the detailing would look good painted.
So here is the before (one drawer is primed already)


In the process


Hello, Belle!

Eventually, I would like to put built ins on the wall with the fireplace, which is where I hope the tv will end up.  Until then, this works for a place to house the tv and all of the kids movies are out of sight in the drawers


  1. I too hate TV's over fireplaces! that being said, i finally agreed to mount ours over, with plans to put an old door or something on either a track or hinges to cover it up when not in use. i guess if you watch it a lot that would be a major inconvenience and would probably be open most the time anyway, but since we don't watch all that much tv it might work.. just trying to figure out a way!!

  2. Exactly! I have pondered the exact same thing.