Friday, June 15, 2012

Alaire's Bathroom Update

Last week we finished up a few projects in Alaire's bathroom.  We had already put up bead board on the wall opposite of the toilet and added a chair rail above it.  I had plans of putting a few hooks up, but it looked like they were thrown up there, so I added a thin piece of craft wood under the chair rail.

I painted it and then added the three hooks.

I added a bench that I built under the hooks.

Random, but I found this custom laundry basket on clearance at Lowes for $10.  It had been $100 and whoever ordered it custom, returned it.  Score for me.  It rolls out on drawer slides, and I love that it is hidden under the vanity.

I painted the moulding on the mirror that I had put up.

Sorry for the horrible blinding light off of the vanity.  I can't wait to replace that fixture!  
We finally finished putting up the crown moulding on the ceiling!  I love how finished it makes a room look!

Alaire found this little wagon at a thrift/upcycle store and just had to have it.  It's perfect to catch bobby pins and pony tail holders.

Here is the beadboard wall all finished, caulked, and painted.

Yay!  Glad we have all of that done.  We still have a few projects in this room, but it is finished for this time around.  I can't help but show you once again what the before was of this bathroom.

And the After:

This room is so much cleaner, brighter, happier, and less creepy pink ceiling with sponge painted walls, so what's not to love.  Alaire loves her bathroom too,and that's the most important thing.  

Have a good weekend and Happy Father's Day.  Alaire and I have a few plans for Drew, but mostly he looks forward to having a day to do whatever he wants and relax.  That's great and takes some pressure off of me : )