Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Carpet in Bathrooms

SICK! Right?
Both the master bathroom and Alaire's bathroom had carpet in them when we moved it.  Needless to say that got torn out fast!
BTW I cannot believe I am posting pictures of the biggest messiest rooms ever.  Again if you didn't read my first few posts.  I walked through our house the day we moved in and took "before" pictures.  I wanted REAL before pictures.  After the boxes were unloaded out of the moving truck I literally started painting on the first night.  Because I was being crazy, our house was torn up for a few days.  Alaire was about 18 months at the time and was free running the house tearing it apart.. so here you go : )

We tore that disgusting carpet out ASAP!  We also took out all of the baseboards and are going to put in taller ones after the floor is laid.
We put plywood underlayment in while we figured out what we were doing next.  We decided to leave the shower and bath alone and just get new floors in.

Here are some pictures of the bathroom after everything is out and the underlayment is in.
Alaire in the bath tub with the toilet.  She thought pushing the handle down was the coolest thing ever!

And after we put the floors in.

This is where we are now.  
There are a few things that need to be done ASAP, like paint the walls and put the baseboards in.  
I'll get to it when I get to it, which should be soon.  For now I am glad to have that nasty carpet out and have something covering the plywood that we lived with for a few months.

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