Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Is it really the Middle of July?

I cannot believe how fast this summer is flying!  July is a busy month for us, and pretty much everyone else that I know.  We went to Rochester, MN over the fourth of July to visit Drew's parents.  It was a last minute trip, so I was not as ready as I wanted to be for Drew's birthday, which is July 9th and our anniversary is two days later on the 11th.
Alaire really wanted to have a surprise party for him.  She loves birthday parties, so I couldn't disappoint.
I had six rolls of paper streamers that I had bought for something else and never used. 

I took these and turned them into...


They are really easy.  I just ruffled them on my sewing machine.

Then I just twisted them and taped them up.

He was surprised!

I made those sour cream and green chili enchiladas that are floating around pinterest, and they were freaking awesome, and easy too!
Alaire ate strawberries and brownies for dinner.  Who can blame her?  

****By the way try not to look at the lack of dining room chairs.  I fell in love with that table and I want a mix of chair to go with.  The only bad part about that is that you can't buy them all at once, you have to "discover them" in multiple outings.  Hopefully by Christmas we can have a full dining room.  It's not too high on my list right now though.

Happy Anniversary to us!  We had a great night.  We had the babysitter come over at 5:30, so we had the whole night out together without little Lairi!  
I hope everyone is having a great summer too!

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