Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pleated Dress from Men's Polo

Today I grabbed this "salmon" colored shirt out of Drew's closet.  He hasn't worn it in a year.  It was from Old Navy.  God knows those shirts are on sale for $10 for a reason.  Anyway it was shrunk and wonky so i thought I would make something out of it.  We need to clean out our closets anyway.  (more me than him but whatever)

If you want to make your own, here is the tutorial:

I cut out the dress pieces as shown.

You will need a skirt, front and back bodice pieces, two sleeves, a color and the two neck bindings.

Take the neck bindings and fold in one long and one short end and iron.
One neck binding should be slightly longer than the other

Take the front bodice piece and cut a 3-4 inch slit in the middle. Put the right side of the neck binding down on the backside of the front bodice piece.
Line up the raw edge of the neckline and the neck binding and the center slit with the other raw edge of the binding (as shown).  Stich the binding to the slit

Do the same with the other side.  You can see that the right side is longer.  

Pull the binding to the front side and fold it down (similar to double fold bias tape) Then top stitch the long side down.
It should now look like this and the long binding should be on top of  the short one.

Right sides together, sew the side and shoulder seams.

Sew both sleeves together on the side seams.

Right sides together, sew the sleeves in matching the under arm seams.

Pleat the skirt until it is the same size as the opening of the bodice.
Stitch a basting stitch through the pleats to keep them in place for the next step.

Turn the skirt inside out and slip it over the bodice, right sides together. 
Align the raw edges and sew the skirt to the bodice.

I cut the collar in half lengthwise and pinned it to the neck line.  
I put a few pleats in the collar to fit it.

Because of the raw seams I folded the end of twill tape and then stitched in along the neckline on the inside of the collar.

Little Alaire wouldn't put it on for a picture because.  "Mommy don't take that dress off of my girl.  That's her dress"  She is very protective of this headless mannequin.  She dances with it and it cracks me up everytime.  


  1. your version is adorable. I like the collar, thanks for sharing!

  2. Very cute, thanks for posting!

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