Friday, July 20, 2012

Recent Sewing Projects

I love making clothes for Alaire.  If I could sew kids clothes full time, I would.  I love it that much.  Here are some of the things I've been making for her as of late.

I've said before that Alaire is obsessed with this mannequin.  She irons her clothes, WHILE THEY ARE ON HER!  Good thing it is a fake girl and iron.
(Please don't email me asking if I let Alaire use and iron and how she will not touch a hot one.  This is an old one with the cord cut.  She knows not to touch irons with cords.)

She gets really ticked when the arms come off too.  I hide and laugh.

 I made this little halter from one of Drew's old button up shirts. 
 I have a tutorial for this and it is really easy!

 This is definitely my favorite thing I have made in a while.  It is a white (I know it will be dirty fast) romper.  I am in love with it and so is Alaire.  I love when she likes the things I make because I do get bummed out when she hates them.  I will be making another one and taking photos of the process so you can make one too!

Reversible Bubble Skirt by Lil Blue Boo  Her patterns are wonderful and so is her blog.

I didn't sew this but I did recover my bulletin board in my craft room.  (I might have to add some white paint to the frame)

And that's all that is worth sharing.  

I couldn't help but post these pictures of Alaire chasing Belle into our house the other day.  She is so funny with Belle, who she calls "Bree" 

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  1. ooohhh.. i love the white romper too! i need to find some time to go to the fabric store.. and sew of course. :)