Thursday, October 11, 2012

Guest Bedroom

Our guest bedroom gets used a lot.  It seems like we have someone here at least once a month.   We don't have any family in St.  Louis, so when they come to visit they usually stay a while.  
We love having people at our home, but our guest bedroom could be more inviting.

I haven't done much to the room yet, but I am hoping to have it put together by the holidays.  When we moved in, the room was a pretty blank slate.  It did have a cow jumping over the moon boarder up.  

Here are the before pictures:
This is from standing in the hallway.

There is the boarder.  It was only on one wall. YAYYY!

One of the things that sold me on this house was every room had big walk in closets.  Our master bedroom closet is bigger than the spare bedroom.  It's borderline ridiculous, but I love it.

I painted the walls a dark mocha brown, which I absolutely love.  I regret not painting our bedroom this color.

Here are the after pictures with paint.

The closet after picture isn't so great but what EVER!

I have picked up a few accessories for the walls, but there is a lot to be desired to make it a great room to stay in.  
On my list of things to do:
  • Window Treatment
  • Desk or Dresser
  • Artwork for above the bed
  • Chair or bench 
  • paint side tables
  • candles for the sconces
  • Bedding
  • Clean out closet and organize wrapping supplies
So there is it, a small small update on the spare bedroom.  I hope everyone has a great weekend.  We have tickets to the circus and a few small plans with friends.  It should be fun! 

Random Alaire picture 

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