Monday, October 15, 2012

Kids Clothes Week Challenge/ Near Death Lion Show

 I haven't had much motivation to make anything lately.  I have lists and ideas but I just can't get started.  Can you relate?  I think I burned out trying to build storage for the loft/playroom in a week.

Alaire and I were gone for about ten days at the end of September.  We started off staying with my cousin Susan and her family for a night.  Alaire ADORES their girls and asks to go to their house all of the time.  Too bad we live six hours away.  She had so much fun playing with their old Barbies and My Little Ponies.
They all got their hair braided the day we left.  

The highlight of their house was "Mr. Bibbles", their hampster.  

Its' not too surprising that Alaire stayed up one night telling me that she wants Santa to bring her "Mr. Bibbles he kennel and he juice."  I love it.   Well you all know what I will be doing in December : ) 

Next stop was Drew's parents' house.  We helped his mom with some of her house projects that she wanted to get done.  It was fun and a great sense of accomplishment.  I will admit I was tired though.  When I get back from a trip like that I have a hangover, and it takes me a little bit to get back into the swing of  things.  We stopped at my parents for a few days before heading home.  It was a long time for Alaire to be away from Drew.  She asked for him every single day.

Onto the current times...
Last week Elsey Marley blog hosted a Kids Clothes Week Challenge.  The challege:  sew for your kids one hour each day for a week.  I needed it.  I have soo many things I wanted to make Alaire.  Of course I ended up spending way more than an hour a day on it, which was great.

This was kind of a fail.  I made it at night and the pink doesn't really match in the day light.  

Oh well she wore it for the day.  It now resides on "her girl" aka the mannequin.  She usually offers up some of her clothes to that thing.

This picture captures Alaire's personality perfectly.   
Next up is a fleece coat.  I will admit, I am not a huge fan of fleece. I feel like it always looks dirty and gets balled up and collects every piece of lint and hair.  With that said this is probably my favorite thing that I made this week.   I've had the fleece for a while, so it needed to get used.

I love the piping and the full skirt.

I also love the wooden buttons.  Alaire loves it too, which is awesome because then she will wear it.

Did I say I loved the coat?? Okay well I actually love this vest too.  I'll have to take a full outfit picture, but Its super cute on.

Onto the flannel plaid dress.  She wore it to the circus on Sunday.  She's not a fan of collars close to her neck and complained a few times about it.  It won't be the first time.. haha

 And the last thing I worked on this week was this petal skirt.  It's really cute on but the material I used was a little on the heavy side. 

Five items in a week isn't too shabby.  I also did some non sewing projects too that I will share soon.  We are really working on wrapping up some final touches on projects that we have had half finished for a while.  I am notorious for having multiple things started at once and then after a while I get irritated and finish them all in a week or so.  (Here's to hoping!)

I have to share this dress that I made a few weeks ago, but haven't posted yet.  It is so cute on.  I've made this dress twice, once this summer in white.  The pockets are the best part.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  We went to the Ringling Brothers Circus on Sunday afternoon, which was great.  At one point Drew and I were both ready to cover Alaire's eyes to avoid her seeing a lion tamer eaten in front of us.  I know some of that is part of the show, but the tamer was being cornered and batted at by two female lions and his sequined shirt was stuck in the fencing around the cage.  Shoot me I about had a heart attack watching it.  Alaire of course thought it was super funny and kept saying "that lion is sooo funny mama!"  Every parent sitting around us was thinking the same thing we were.  He made it out alive though so that's all that counts right?  lol
Have a good week!!!


  1. Hey Anna!
    Just curious where you got the pattern for that adorable fleece jacket? And for the dress with the pockets? My great niece would look adorable in those!:D
    Thanks, Brittany :)

    1. The fleece jacket pattern is from It is the Michelle Jacket and the dress is