Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

We have had a busy few weeks.  Drew's grandpa passed away last week and we headed back to South Dakota.  Even though the circumstances aren't fun, it's always fun to see his family.  There is always food and lots of card playing.  Alaire loved seeing Drew's cousins that she only gets to see at Thanksgiving.  It reminded me of Holidays when I was little.  The kids played in the bedrooms and basement and didn't want to stop to eat or go home.  It was awesome for us too because they got along so well.  The down side-coming home.  Our sleep schedules are horrible after many late nights without bedtimes or naps.  (Advice on getting back to normal is welcome : )

It turned out that my mom, who is a teacher, had no school last Friday.  She ended up riding home with us to St Louis for the weekend.  We all took Alaire to the pumpkin patch.  She's not super interested in the pumpkins, but there was a lot of little activities to do while we were there.

First things first.  We had to get face painting.  She has never agreed to get it done.  She had to pick out which design to get.

She decided on the SNAKE!!! She wanted it across her whole face.  

It goes without saying that she was pretty pumped about it.

Every year we go to the same place and the biggest hit is the wooden swing set.  Pretty typical right?

We ended the trip with a train ride and headed home.  

I hope everyone has a great week! 

PS I am working on a Doll sleeping bag tutorial to post later today.  

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