Friday, January 18, 2013

DIY Height Chart Ruler

I did think of this myself, nor am I the first to knock it off either.  I will still show you how I did it so you don't have to go searching for it.  This took less than an hour start to finish.  The most time consuming for me was getting my vinyl cut and sized right. (I took these pictures with my IPhone at night so they aren't great!)

Supplies I used:
  • 1x6 board 6ft long
  • Minwax- Dark Walnut (left over from this table)
  • foam paint brush
  • paper towels
  • vinyl number decals (I made my own)
 ***I decided to hang the board 6 inches off of the floor, so the final measurement will be 6ft 6inches. (Whatever you decide remember to put the numbers on accordingly)  I wanted mine to look like a real ruler so I used longer dashes for every quarter of a foot.

Start out by making a pencil mark every inch from the top to the bottom of the board. Do this on the same side as you are going to put the black lines.

Here you can see a close up of the lines.  My advice would be to put all of the lines on first and then the numbers.  I ended up readjusting the numbers a few times so there was a little space between the line and the number.  These numbers and dashes are made out of vinyl. You could also paint them on or stencil them on.  I cut mine on my Silhouette machine.

Here is the ruler all put together before I stained it.  

I used Minwax in Dark Walnut to stain the board.  I wanted a rustic look, so I wasn't too 
worried about it staining perfectly even.  

I did this in my entryway, so I just threw down a canvas drop cloth.  (BTW I use the drop cloth for any project in the house, but not painting walls.  I put it on my dining table when Alaire glues or paints too! I keep it with her paint so it is easily accessible)
I put the stain on in sections and then wiped it right off with paper towels.  You can use old t-shirts too for staining.

 Here is the front when done.  I didn't stain the back.  There's no reason to unless you aren't attaching it to the wall.

I put a thin line down the sides, top and bottom and then just wiped it off.  The vinyl is really well attached, but be careful when rubbing the sides not to pull up the dashes and get stain under them,

Here it is wet.  Staining took about 10 minutes.  I then put it out on my porch to air out over night.

Here it is hung.  

I put it right next to the half bath of of the kitchen.  This hallway connects the kitchen to the dining room.  I had thought about putting it by the front door, but it felt a little like a height chart at a gas station to catch robbers.  

And that is it.  Thanks for reading!

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