Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Evolution of a Craft Room

As usual, nothing is ever FINISHED, but it is so so so close!!! 

Backtracking, here is where my Craft Room/ Office started.  Love the paint, love the curtains, love the pottery barn desk ; )

Then it was simple and clean and just an office.  Obviously no storage, just everything shoved into that little black bookcase.  

I found the chest of drawers at Goodwill for $50 dollars.  It holds all of the office supplies, printer paper and what not.  It got the boot a few months ago into the living room, but is already on it's way somewhere else.

 I bought the rug at World Market.  After a month of having wool all over my freaking house, it got returned.  

Then the shit show began.  I decided to move out of my spare bedroom craft room upstairs and move into the office.  I just started hauling what I used most into the room.  (I am currently cleaning out the old room for the baby.  SO MUCH CRAP!!! I have been donating and giving most of it away.)

Next,  I built the big craft table.  It has so much storage.  Thank god, but sadly it wasn't enough.  It also took me painting it two different colors before I settled on all white.  This is by far one of the best pieces in the room.

There it is all finished.  Everyone that walks into my house comments on it, even men.  It is awesome!

I wanted to find a big old China cabinet to paint and use for more storage.  It took me a long time to find something reasonably priced that was as big as I wanted.  I found it on Craigslist for $80

It is so big and so heavy.  It weighs like a thousand lbs.  

It also blows to paint. : )  I primed it twice and that's where it has been for a few months.  Like I said it is coming together, but not finished. 

Either way, here is what it looks like now.
I took the X desk out.  It was too wide for the space.  I love that desk, but I didn't want it shoved in a corner.  (It has a new home in our bedroom)

I put together this desk from Michaels.  It is customizable.  I love it.  I can put all of the stuff away in a place that was shoved under my craft table.

I like how narrow it is.  It's perfect for my sewing machines, computer, printer, and silhouette.

Here is a view from behind my craft table.  Now you can really see how half done the China cabinet is.

This little corner needs some work too.  I have to make the canvas into some kind of artwork. I need a lamp.  That one is from our bedroom.  I also want to do something that little footstool.  It was my grandma's sewing bench, but it could use some love.

One other thing I need to do is scrape that paint off of the floor.  Whoops!~

I found these ribbon holders at Joann fabric for half off so a total of $20.  I don't use ribbon a lot but Alaire pulls it all off the spool if she gets ahold of it.  The sewing table is Drew's grandmas.  It holds an awesome old steel singer machine.  I have to get those bolts off of there so I can have the sewing machine out.  It is really beautiful.

 This is one of my favorite storage items ever!  It is also from Michaels.  It has little drawers and compartments everywhere and it is on a lazy susan.  

I made these two pillows in about an hour from supplies I already had.  

I might be addicted to making zipper closure pillows.  They are so fast and easy, but look great. 

I freezer paper stenciled this sewing machine on the blue one using my Silhouette.

That's it for now.  Hopefully soon I will have a fully painted China Cabinet, some artwork, lighting and no more paint on the floor.  

So here is the before one more time.

And the after/ current.

What do you think?  Too much?  Any other ideas?

I am going to get ready for the Super Bowl.  I hope you all eat  any and everything good that can be made from all forms of cheese and cooked in a crock pot.  I am going to do a Jillian Michaels video to try to even things out!!

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  1. it looks great! and I am so jealous of the amount of fabric you have!!!! :)