Friday, March 15, 2013

Baby Palmer IS A...

 **Disclaimer:  I don't take sexy, well dressed, hair did maternity pictures.  I am keeping it real.  They are bathroom shots.

This is March 3rd
This is March 5th

This is March 10th

If you didn't notice, our baby has grown in the last week.  I am still baffled at how literally over night I have a real pregnant belly.  I think it has grown even more.  It doesn't slim down over night anymore.   I love it.  I feel great for all of those who ask me.  After morning sickness subsides, it is almost like you forget it ever happened.  I am thankful for having pretty easy and predictable pregnancies.  

We got our ultrasound last week to find out if Alaire gets a brother or a sister.

 Alaire loves playing in the offices.  How fun are spinning chairs?

It's okay you can say the baby looks scary in the ultrasounds, I sometimes tend to agree.  (That is an arm/hand curled up by the ear)

Creepy? Funny?  I can't decide.  The baby is opening its' mouth and sticking its' tongue out.

So, do you want to know what were having?

I bought this little romper a few weeks ago, just incase because it was so soft and sweet.


We are super excited.  Alaire is excited, but she kept it cool when we found out.  She has been saying it is a sister the whole time, so she just said, "I knew I would win.  I already knew it was a sister!"

I may have gotten excited and made them matching outfits.  

Thanks for reading!  Have a good weekend.  

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