Monday, April 1, 2013

What I've been sewing...

I did a decent amount of sewing in February and the beginning of March. I kept thinking I was going to take pictures of Alaire in the clothes, but that just didn't happen.  She's just not into it right now : )  
I think I need a three year old sized mannequin.  My current one is for a one year old and it's not quite cutting it, but I have been using it anyway!  
Anyway, here is what I have made lately...

Valentine's Dress
Pattern by Lil' Blue Boo

I couldn't pass up all of these prints.  I decided to make pillowcase dresses  for a friend's twin girls'  birthdays.

This is a vintage pattern that I have had sitting in a drawer, just waiting for Alaire to get big enough to wear it.

Love the sailor collar.
These shorts are to be worn with the top above.  They are high waisted and so cute with the shirt tucked in.  I had pinned a pair of womens' shorts a while back and decided to finally make them.

This has already been worn to death.  I love it as much as Alaire.
Pattern is by Figgy's Patterns

Don't you want a maxi dress like this of your own?  I do.  I was unsure of how it would look and function on a busy three year old, but it is perfect.  She was on cloud nine and couldn't quit spinning around.  I will definitely be making a few more.  

Pattern by Violette Field Threads
These are the matching pillowcase rompers I made for Alaire and the new baby girl that will be coming soon!
Pattern by Whimsy Coture Pattern Shop

I have decided to sell these rompers and I will be posting them in my shop soon.
You can contact me if you have any requests for them.

This is just a basic peasant dress.  I have made this pattern a lot and it seems to fit for at least two years in a row, which is a huge plus!  

I hope you all had a great Easter weekend. Hopefully you had good food and company.  We have been traveling for the last ten days and drove back yesterday.  It feels good to be home, but there is much to be done in the next few months.  I am sure I will be posting A LOT about some of our home improvement projects and decorating.  OH and of course some sewing for baby!
A lot of people have asked if my nursery is done... absolutely NOT.  I haven't even started.  The room still has to be cleaned out!  I am sure I will show you that embarrassing process at some point too!

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