Monday, May 20, 2013

Alaire's Room: Flooring and Updates

I haven't posted about Alaire's room in a long time.  
When I looked back on the posts I barely recognized the room when we moved it.  (That's a good thing) 
 Her room is on the short list of things I wanted to make major progress on before the baby comes, better yet before I start the nursery.
Since then, I only had posted about the lamp I made her.

Long story long..  I started laying the wood floors in Alaire's room in early March, hoping to get them done before we left to go out of town the week of Easter.

I got five rows in and kept having a board pop.  I was getting ticked off.  A family friend, who has laid plenty of flooring said it wasn't me, it was the floors.  He suggested a different brand.

 He thought I was bat shit crazy for being pregnant and wanting to lay them myself.  I also came to that realization and bowed out after having to tear them all out, box them up, and return them to the store. 

 Drew was not having it either.  He had to carry every single piece in and upstairs the first time, only to load them back in the car, unload them into the store and do it all over again.  

So... we ended up hiring our friend to help.  He and Drew worked all day on a Saturday in April when we got back and I absolutely love the result!

 Here are a few pictures of right after we moved in for comparison.  

And here is what it looked like after the floors got put in, but before the furniture came back. 
(BTW I can NEVER get the wall color to photograph correctly.  Sometimes I think about repainting it because it drives me that crazy!)

I still have a lot to do like put in the moulding back on the closet door and put quarter round on the baseboards, but it looks and feels so much better in there.  

My to do list for Alaire's room is below.  I actually have made some progress since I posted about this room last though, so that's something!  

  • window treatment
  • finish and paint chair rail moulding
  • make throw pillows
  • decide on plan and execute duvet and pillows for bedding (I ended up getting rid of the gray duvet and bought an aqua bed spread)
  • finish and hang floating bookshelves (they are finished but not hung.. why can't I pull the trigger?)
  • find a bird cage to hang from the ceiling (Alaire is in love with them right now and they are everywhere)  I still need to work on this!
  • hang bunting or streamers somewhere in the room I hung lanterns above the bed instead
  • put in a closet organizer on one side of the closet
  • paint closet
  • "secret project for other side of closet"  (it's something fun for Alaire)
  • Light fixture (just say no to boobs lights)
  • Make a permanent cover for reading tent (not pictured)  Done and still not pictured.  I will have to post on that soon
  • quarter round moulding
  • closet framing
  • sunshine artwork
  • Get photos/decor/artwork on the walls
  • Rug 
  • Under bed storage or trundle

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