Friday, May 17, 2013

Real Life: An Unscheduled Haircut

I, like most parents, knew the day may come.
When you find a pair of stray scissors laying in your entryway.
Little blonde tufts sprinkled through the living room.

Your heart sinks and you want to cry.
Because when they see what they did, they are crying too.
Your heart hurts when they say "I want to look like Alaire again"
You tell them that it is just hair, 
even though you know it's your own security blanket that you can't let go of.

Never underestimate the power of a shampoo blow dry.
(Trust me when I say it's bad when left naturally)

 You tell them they are beautiful either way.
Then you tell them to NEVER do it again. 
You tell them they stopped just in time to keep most of it.
You don't tell them that they are going to look like a child from the 80's growing out those bangs that bordered on a mullet. 
You also don't tell them that they look like a little old lady when the natural curls spring up. 
What do you do?

You cut some side swept bangs, blend it to the best of your ability and tell them they are lucky their mom knows how to give a good blow out to mask the obscene chunks layers on one side of their head.

And to all of you wondering where her mother was.
I was in the next room.  
I gave her the scissors, as I have a million times before.
I was just thinking I should put her hair in a pony tail, so she doesn't accidentally cut it...

So it wasn't the "first haircut" that I had imagined for her. 
One where Drew took pictures. 
One without tears.
One that we planned on. 
But that's the way it happened.
Either way, we have a little baggie of baby hair to put in her book.

I have never cut, trimmed, or snipped any of her hair in 3 1/2 years, so maybe this was the push I needed to do it!  ; ) 
 After dance recital, we are going to have to cut some actual length off, but until then it's french braids, bobby pins and tucking behind the ear!

I hope you all have a great weekend!  We have a few things planned along with a lot of unplanned time!  Hopefully we can get some progress on a few household projects.

And no, it's not the nursery yet!  I did order 25 yards of fabric this morning for all of the bedding and such though, so that will be coming soon!!!  Can't wait!

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