Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy Holidays!

I hope you all had a great Holiday season.  It already seems like Christmas was a million years ago.  Maybe because we had a weeks worth of snow days after two weeks of winter break!  I finally got my Holiday cards out in the mail last week, so I can give you a digital one here.  Hopefully by the time I post this, my Christmas tree is down and put away. : )
We had our family pictures taken in November when we were visiting family in Nebraska and South Dakota.  The photographer we used was Leah Welch.  She is awesome, easy going, patient, sweet and super super reasonable.  She gave us an entire hour of her time and we did indoor and on location shots.  If you are in the Sioux City, Iowa area, check her out and book a session!
The dresses were made by me.  Pattern by Lil Blue Boo.   Fabric by Girl Charlee Fabrics.

Both Girls have changed so much since these pictures.  Alaire got a huge haircut and turned four.  Stella is two months older!  She turned 6 months yesterday!!  I am going to get her pictures taken this week and then I'll share.  

I hope your week is off to a great start!  Drew is off work today for MLK Day and we have actually both relaxed and got some things checked off of our perpetual list.  That's a pretty good Monday around here!

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