Monday, February 3, 2014

Quick Project: Iron on Faux Gold Collar

A lot of people tell me that they ARE NOT creative and ARE NOT crafty.  You don't have to be. Sometimes I do projects that are really fast and easy and don't require a lot of thinking but give me a sense of accomplishment when I do them.  This is one of them.  These are projects that any monkey can do.
Supplies Needed: 
Iron on Vinyl

 I bought a kids long sleeved shirt from Target ($5)

I bought a roll of this Glitter Iron-on Vinyl from Hobby Lobby with a coupon. ($7) 
There is a lot left over too!

 Then draft half of the collar.

 Cut the collar out of your vinyl.

Lay it out where you want it.

Then use the iron on instructions for your specific material.  

The stuff I used had you heat the shirt up with the iron first, and then iron the vinyl on.  I flipped the shirt inside out and ironed the back really good, especially around the collar and the shoulder areas, where the edges were lifting.

Peel off the top liner when it cools and you are done.

 Alaire thinks it is a mustache.  Either way she likes it!
(PS I would wash it inside out and hang dry to make it last longer.)

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  1. Love your blog & ALL of these pieces!! SO cute! Happy weekend!