Saturday, April 5, 2014

Lairi J Dot Com

If you follow Lairi J on Facebook, you might have already guessed by this picture I posted:

I have been unpacking boxes filled with clothes over the past week.  

I have been working on

If you have checked it out, you will see it has had a facelift. 

If you haven't, well then you should, because it is now the home of my little clothing boutique.
I am very excited about all of the items that are in it.  

As each package has arrived, I find myself saying "oooh this is my favorite" to each piece.

I hope everyone who visits can find something that they love too.

 Some of the great features you can expect when shopping at are:
  • affordable prices
  • $2 flat rate shipping on all orders
  • fun new styles arriving frequently
  • timely customer service

I will keep you updated via Facebook for any promotions or upcoming sales.  
Be sure to like Lairi J to stay in the loop and make sure to check out to find something fun to wear this spring  summer (if it ever gets here!)

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions please feel free to contact me at

I will still be posting here, on this blog, about all of the other creative things I have going on at home.  
On occasion I will offer handmade items in the boutique as well.  

Thanks for all of your support.


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