Monday, June 11, 2012

Craft Room

My craft room/studio has been in one of our upstairs spare rooms since we moved in.  It is a great space with a large walk in closet.  The only problem is that sometimes I need to be on the main floor when I also want to be using my studio.
I would love to be able to fix dinner and use my studio at the same time or stay up late and not bother anyone with noise.  
I have seen a lot of bloggers share their studios that they have put in a sitting room or dining room that doesn't get much use. 
Our sitting room has been used as an office since we moved in.  It is very very open and exposed the the rest of the main floor, especially the front door.  I thought I would have to literally have a drawn out diagram and a written, signed and notorized contract with my husband for him to even consider letting me bring my "crafting landfill" to the office on main floor.
I will admit it, I WAS WRONG.
I showed him this room for Being Brook.

I found Brook's blog through  I fell in love with Ana's plans for the Modern Craft Table. I had been looking at it for a while and had plans of building it someday! ( I hate saying that "someday".  Why not today right?  Better yet, why not YESTERDAY?)
Anyway, I showed Drew the picture above.
Me: Isn't this table amazing?  I mean the whole room is amazing.
Drew:  That is awesome.  You could do that.
Me: Her room is on the main floor though
Drew: So... Put it in the office.
Me: OMG are you serious.  I have been thinking of asking but thought you would say no.
Drew:  Why?  Just keep it clean and I don't care


So that was a few months ago.  I said I would probably slowly do the transition over the summer, so that I can figure out all of the storage and organization as I go.  Then last week I decided I was going to build that craft table.

Here is a picture of the office after I dumped a bunch of stuff in it that was sitting in my dining room.
Here are some pictures of the process:

I set up shop in my living room so I could work on it throughout the day.
Moved it to the garage to finish cutting all of the framing.

Side view.
End of Day One
Need to install shelves and framing and moulding.

Moulding added to the desk top.

End of Day 2

End of Day 3

Framing and bead board added to the front.

Behind the beadboard are three shelves.  I got the idea from this post.
I painted the desk a pale gray as I was building it, but it ended up looking too blue.  I didn't want to paint the walls again in the room, so I decided I am going to paint the table white.

I found this material at Hancock Fabrics and I am going to use it for the color scheme of the room.
This room has a long way to go, but I am loving all of the storage this desk provides! 

I can't wait to get it all painted and then move on to the next project!!
If you haven't checked out GO THERE NOW, and don't be surprised if you are instantly inspired and HOOKED!  I know I am !