Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Alaire's Room: Lamp and Tutorial

I made Alaire this lamp for her room.  It was pretty easy.  

I bought Alaire this lamp at Target.  At around $14 it was the perfect price!
Room Essentials® Stick Lamp with White Shade

Here are the supplies I used: 

Spray glue
hot glue or fabric glue
bias tape (optional)

First wrap the fabric around the lamp shade to mark it to cut.

Cut down the fabric. Leave extra fabric on the top and bottom and enough to overlap around the shade.

This lamp shade doesn't come off easily so I had to cover it while still on the lamp.  If it would remove easily I would have taken it off.

Iron the top of the fabric 1/2 inch and then another 1/2 inch so that you cannot see the raw edges.

 I used Wonder Clips but you can use any clips even hair clips or paper clips to hold the fabric.

Clip the top edge over the top of the shade.
Lift up the fabric and then spray the whole lamp shade with spray glue.

Pull the material down starting on one end of the fabric.  Make sure it is tight and wrinkle free.

Next fold the open end under to create a seam.

 Spray glue the remaining flap and smooth it over.

Work your way around the top and tack down the top edge with fabric glue or hot glue.

I clipped it because I am impatient.

I cut off the bottom edge almost all the way up to the shade.  If you aren't going to use bias tape around the bottom, then you should fold the bottom edge under and glue it down too.  Then you would be done.

If not starting at the back seam, open your bias tape and add glue.

Boom done.

I love a quick project and I love this fabric!!!
It's Michael Miller Spa Geo in Coral.

I have done a few other updates/ projects in her room.  I'll have to take some photos soon.

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