Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Loft / Playroom

There has been much progress in the loft.  Here is my first post about the loft/playroom.  I still have a lot to do, but it has come along way.  

Remember this?
 This was the day we moved in.

This was after we painted and then literally dropped every single toy on the floor in the room.  At least the carpet was new and clean at that point. 

I have built a couple of things for this room.  I still have a few more things to make, but this is what I have done so far.

Miss Alaire wouldn't get out of the shots nor would she put clothes on.  Sorry, that's her most recent thing.  "Mom i just want to be naked"  Sweet!  Enjoy it while you have the body to do it without offending anyone! Ha!

Here is the view as you walk up the stairs.  This side of the room is all of her pretend play stuff.  She is so into dolls and make believe so I wanted her to have an area dedicated to playing "house".

I built the two outside bins to go on the wall with the TV.  I am a big dumb animal and somehow ended up not measuring correctly before building.  I made the furniture about 2 inches too wide to fit the tv on the wall.  That was a fun day when I figured that out! : )

Anyway one holds all of the dolls and one holds all of the stuffed animals.  These open bin storage pieces are perfect for young kids.  Alaire can pick up her own toys and put them away.  

The piece in the middle just got finished on Saturday.  I didn't get it painted yet, but Alaire wanted to play with it right away.  It is for all of her play food and dishes.  It is a little grocery store/ market.  We had a major problem with  play food storage.  It was all in a bucket and what happens to buckets of small objects?  They get dumped out : )  She loves it and we played with it all day.  My mom and dad bought her a grocery cart last winter and it is so perfect with her new market!

You can't play house without a place to cook.  She has had this kitchen set for two years and plays with it more  and more.

We moved her dining room table up here so she can play puzzles and games on it.  She loves to "feed" her dolls at it too.

 Here is another area that is evolving. 

Here is the other side of the room:

I built the two towers on each side of the TV.  I have plans to build a TV stand and additional shelving too.  The open bins, which hold the dolls and stuffed animals, were supposed to go one on each side of the towers.  We plan to get a bigger TV at some point to so I have to leave enough room for that in the middle.  We had to have some seating for the TV, so we kept the black fold out couch and the yellow chair.

Here is a close up of the towers.  I still have to put the trim on them after the whole wall is finished.  That is why the edges are unpainted and raw looking.

And the last wall is full of books.   

It has definitely come a long way.  I love that it is clean and organized even while I am still working on it.  When it is closer to completion I will have to go more in to detail on what I did to get it from start to finish.  It definitely takes a while to get all of it right and functional for both myself and for Alaire.

Things I still need to do:

  • Make curtains and take down the pull shades
  • Put up crown moulding
  • Take down track lights
  • Replace Ceiling Fan
  • Sell Mickey Lamp on Craigs List
  • Build TV stand and other shelves for TV wall
  • Touch up paint and put trim and moulding on all of the shelves
  • Artwork on walls
  • Fix oven door on kitchen set
  • anchor refrigerator to wall
  • make cushions for open storage under windows
  • get or build chairs/ benches for table
  • paint and finish market
Just a few things right? haha

I hope everyone is having a good week.  I am already trying to get prepared for the month of December.  We have Christmas and Alaire's birthday here at home, but we travel for Thanksgiving.  So, I try to get as much done before we leave because I HATE coming home to a crazy list.  I like to enjoy all of the fun in December!  (well that's what I like to hope for every year anyway!)

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