Monday, November 5, 2012

Bare Bones

Disclaimer:  The salon is in, but it isn't even close to being finished.  It is bare bones.  There is nothing hanging on the walls.  There are more projects ahead of me than behind me.  

My goal was to have it functioning, and it is.  So, that is success for right now.

This is the view from the door.  Right now this chair is there.  I have two cane back chairs to recover to put in this space but they are fugly right now.  

Here they are.  Wasn't exaggerating

Obviously they are getting recovered, but I am horrible about narrowing down fabric choices.
I wanted to add teal and a red/orange to the room, so hopefully I can find something along those lines.

I wanted a bold wall without bold color.  This is what I decided on.
Gray on gray stripes.  Or is it grey on grey?  
I opted for a "wet station"  It takes up minimal space and requires a lot less furniture.  I am not a huge fan of laminate salon furniture so I opted for just the basics.  The teal metal locker is a thrift store find that I painted. Its perfect to hold all of my towels and capes and shampoo.
I absolutely love the chair, although I wish I was sitting in it more : )  
Maybe Alaire can be taught shampooing.
One project that needs to be addressed immediately is this light.  It's terrible.  TERRIBLE.  It's on the top of my list.
Good thing I get really great natural light and a decent view.

So there are the current "After" photos.
These are the before pictures if you were didn't see them.

To be continued..... someday : )

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