Sunday, November 4, 2012


Alaire has said since August she wanted to be a pig for Halloween.  I haven't a clue where she saw this or got this idea but it's what she wanted.  I found this old pattern, which of course was out of print : )  I sure do love Etsy at a time like that.
McCall's pattern 8331 *costumes *size CA / 1/2, 1, 2
Mc Calls 8331

 I put it on the mannequin after finishing it and Alaire loved it.  Then she saw the pattern cover.  She responded by saying, "I thought I was going to be a cow first."  I was a little pissed. lol That little pig head was a lot of hand stitching.  Not a fan of it either.
But it all worked out just fine.  
On Halloween Alaire had Mom's Day Out/ Preschool until 2:30  I picked her up and we went straight to St Charles' Main Street Trick or Treat.  It was really fun!
 It's the cutest little area with brick roads and a million shops, candy stores and boutiques.
 Then we came home and carved pumpkins.

 Then we got dressed again.  I was a princess.  Drew was a pirate.  We have dressed up every year with Alaire.  It is fun and Alaire was really into it.

Woah.  It was a busy day.  I ate wayyyy too much candy.  I let Alaire have a free for all for 2 days and then the candy is gone.  It worked well.  We all burned out on it.

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