Friday, May 24, 2013

Real Life: Swimming, Bribery and Dancing for Donuts

There are times, as a mother, that I want to let Alaire quit the things that she gets frustrated with or is scared of.  

Most of the time I feel that way for my own benefit. 

 I don't know anyone who likes to have the kid in class that cries and practically pulls your pants down when you drop them off somewhere.

You can feel all of the eyes watching for you response.

Alaire started Pre-School and Ballet classes, which she begged for, back in September.

Soo excited!!

She loved it and I was so happy to give her a few hours away from me a week.  We both probably needed it.

But then something happened.  She started crying not to go.

  She started begging to stay home with mommy and daddy.  She wanted to do more of this with Daddy.
And this with Mommy.

And I wanted one of these to get me through Tuesday mornings.

Back to my story...  After the Holidays we started swimming lessons.

 The first lesson, I sat on the side and sweated.  My kid was being needy and taking up all of the teachers time and attention.  

We were sure we were going to be signing up for private lessons, but after the second class she loved it.

 The downside was that she started acting worse at dance. 

 She told me she wanted to go to swimming and quit dance.  She stood in the mirror and pouted instead of participating with the class.  

That's when I decided to lower myself to bribery.  

I usually don't negotiate with terrorists
Alaire, but I was desperate.

 Recital was paid for, costume was ordered and I couldn't let her quit her commitment, even though it would have been easier on me.

I told her we could go to the bakery close to our house and get a treat after dance if she went in without throwing a fit and danced to EVERY song.

And, guess what?

She did it.

 And she has danced every week since without a fight. 

Sometimes she doesn't want to go in, but she does and she has fun after she's in.

I'm not going to lie.  I love that we go to the bakery too!

Recital is Father's Day weekend.  Can't wait to see if she will actually dance or not.

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