Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sewing: Princess Costumes

Alaire loves to play dress up.  I love to sew.  I love to make more work for myself than needed.  
And this is why my child has Disney princess costumes that are probably replicas of the ones they wear in Disneyland.  I'm kidding... kind of.
Snow White

I. LOVE. THIS. CAPE.  (more than my 3 year old does)



Rapunzel was the most work of them all.  

Of course you can't be Rapunzel without the hair.  
At first she said the dress was too big (puffy) and refused to wear it.  I almost cried, literally almost cried.  Then I told her I was going to give it to someone else ( I was not threatening, I was serious) because someone was going to get some use out of this thing.  She has come around though and loves it.  I love that I can throw these in the wash and they are still in great condition.  (Cinderella has been washed about 50 times and still looks new.)  

She wants to be Ariel for Halloween, so I am working on figuring out that one.  She wants to wear the tail and "bra."  She wants it to be a real tail so that her feet don't show and she can't walk.
Alaire: mom I want it to cover everything so that I can't walk 
Me: well then you can't trick or treat because you will have to sit in the wagon the whole time
Alaire:  Mom you can just carry me to the door while I sit like this (as she is posing like Ariel does on the rock with her legs thrown off to the side)
Me: we will have to talk about this another time. (No way am I carrying her door to door!)

(All three of these costumes were made with commercial patterns.)


  1. These are so cute. My girls thought that were so cool. Just a suggestion to add on to the Cinderella costume is a black choker necklace. My 5 year old is obsessed with Cinderella and asked, "where is her necklace."

    1. LOL! Don't worry we have the black choker! It's really fun trying to find it when she wants to wear it!